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ALU wanted to create a learning experience for their new class of 58 students to support them with dealing with the pandemic, the responsibilities of taking an online MBA, taking care of their families, AND working full-time. ALU hoped that if the students felt supported while they were in school, they could build better school-life-work integration so they could focus on their coursework while spending time with their families and continuing their full-time work. 


A series of research-backed productivity-focused training delivered personally by a recognized facilitator and certified executive coach.

The sessions were practical and offered hands-on learning:

  • Shifting Your Relationship with Time: Time is a product of the mind.  In this session, we discussed what can impact your concept of time and how you can begin to have a more constructive relationship with time (and productivity).
  • Eliminate Interruptions & Distractions: Highlight distractions that get in the way of getting things done and learn how to reduce their impact through prioritization.
  • Break Burnout & Next Steps: In this session, we demystified burnout and its many potential sources, and students started outlining their next steps to juggle all their responsibilities.

Recordings of the sessions were available for the duration of the engagement so that leaders who could not attend the workshops live could still benefit from the content.

Vicky Mugisha, Operations, and Student Affairs Associate, reported:

“Akua is one of the best facilitators I have come across. She is relatable and brings great energy and commitment to her training. This service is worthwhile for anyone struggling with productivity, prioritization, or simply if you want to learn how to make the best use of your time.”

With her [Akua]  full-fledged time management program, Akua took ownership of all the logistics and communications with the students which made the process so much easier…

[The techniques taught in the workshop]  have been widely adopted by the students, and with that, they have been showing up more energized and on time…

Having access to Akua after the sessions made the experience personal and gave an opportunity for students to ask questions as they went through the activities.”

If you are interested in having a research-based and highly engaging training or workshop to fuel growth, reach out to learn more about my approach.  We always start with a needs assessment and identify the key goals you want to achieve as an organization or department.

About the Facilitator

Akua Nyame-Mensah creates sticky learning experiences.  She is an external member of Google’s Mastery Faculty, a selective group of facilitators committed to creating live magical learning experiences in-person or virtually.  She is also a #IAmRemarkable Platinum Tier Facilitator and an Association for Talent Development member.  Leaders around the world have attended her practical and actionable training and workshops.  All her content and support are based on her three-step leadership system that makes leadership easy.


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