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A buoyant team needs to improve its communication, engagement, and execution so that it can hold each other accountable. 


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Elevate team dynamics and leadership effectiveness on the distributed Organizational Development (OD) Team. Recognizing the importance of fostering a cohesive and empowered team culture, the aim was to cultivate a sense of belonging, ownership, and accountability among team members. We sought to address existing communication challenges and equip the team with the necessary personal and professional development tools.


To foster a spirit of belonging, ownership, and accountability and achieve the desired outcomes, the initial three-month engagement comprised various elements, with each initiative reinforcing the other:

This isn't the first time Akua has collaborated with Genser leaders; they found her methodology professional and collaborative. The structured process and tools provided a safe and effective platform for the team to give feedback and engage in critical discussions. This instilled confidence in the OD Manager that Akua was the right person to address their challenges and enhance team dynamics and leadership.

People Advisory Timeline

The OD Manager reported experiencing improved communication within the team post-engagement, noting increased engagement during meetings and discussions. On a personal level, the OD Manager gained confidence in her leadership abilities through coaching and reflection exercises and developed skills like facilitating feedback sessions using the provided tools. While ongoing progress is essential, the OD Manager believes their work with Akua laid a foundation for stronger team dynamics and more effective leadership going forward.

The enhanced communication and leadership skills resulting from the OD Manager’s work with Akua have contributed to a more collaborative environment and outspoken team, likely leading to increased productivity, engagement, and morale. Addressing underlying issues and creating a safer space for discussions has translated into greater transparency and buy-in when addressing challenges. Equipped with strategies and tools learned, the OD Manager is better positioned to lead the team toward achieving overall business goals effectively.

Apolline Perez, Organizational Development Manager, reported:

“I was very impressed by [her] methodology... I think they [the team] really enjoyed the fact that they could speak up... The team really appreciated having a safe space to speak up through the "start, stop, continue" feedback framework. They found this very helpful for both the team and themselves to get insights..  If I [were] referring Akua's leadership services to a friend, I would say that it provides an invaluable external perspective and structured process to address any unspoken team dynamics or leadership issues... [I] benefited from Akua's professional and flexible approach and found the leadership coaching and tools on reflection and communication [have] provided lasting benefits beyond the engagement.”

Feedback from the Retreat

  • 100% of the Team Strongly Agreed that attending the retreat was a good use of their team
  • 100% of the team strongly agreed that the retreat content and conversation were relevant to them
  • 80% of the team strongly agreed that they could use the information I learned from the retreat immediately.  20% agreed. 
  • When asked to complete the sentence, ‘the retreat would be even better if Akua…’ participants responded:
    • 'Spend the whole day instead of half'
    • 'It's the best retreat I’ve ever had. I don't have any recommendations on what could have been better.'
  • When asked, ‘If you had to describe this session to a friend or colleague, what would you say?’ participants responded:
    • 'It was therapeutic and a great way to bond with your team and better understand each team member's work style, which is crucial to departmental success.'
    • 'Enlightening.'
    • 'It was very enlightening and therapeutic.'
    • 'It was therapeutic and I feel replenished/ fired up afterwards.'
    • 'Replenishing session. A safe space to share difficult topics.'

If you are interested in driving organizational change with ongoing support that may include coaching, training, advising, and accountability, reach out to learn more about my people advisory approach. We always start with a diagnostic survey to identify the gaps and key competencies you need to address as an organization, department, team, or leader.

About the Advisor & Facilitator

Akua Nyame-Mensah is a Leadership & Culture Advisor, Learning & Development Consultant, and Fractional People Leader. Her People Advisory work drives organizational change with coaching, training, advising, and accountability.  She is an external leadership consultant and facilitator for Fearless Guides (Formerly Unison Solutions), an organization focused on helping organizations to thrive, and CorporateDNA Consulting, a consulting firm focused on helping make 'leadership real' for some of the most prominent companies in the world. In addition to being a Stanford Seed Consultant, she advises companies through her work with Google Startups and Founders Institute.  Akua has an MBA, is a certified ICF Executive & Leadership Coach, and is an Association for Talent Development member.


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