Ep 80 // Pivoting with Tech CEO Alex Bram

Ep 80- Alex Bram

Overcome your resistance to change as Akua talks to Ghanaian CEO Alex Bram. Akua and Alex talk about the importance of being self-aware and in tune with your team and the climate around you in order to provide products needed to solve problems. They also talk about the need for authenticity and honesty in leading a company and why it's crucial to make bold changes and mini-pivots in this fast-changing world. 

This episode will inspire business leaders as Alex talks about co-founding fintech company Hubtel and the pivots he has made, allowing him to bootstrap it to 25 million in just 8 years. 

Alex is a co-founder of SMSGH (now Hubtel), who has successfully led Hubtel's pivot from a leading SMS messaging provider into Ghana's leading payment services provider with an expanding market share in the growing quick-commerce industry.


Highlights in this episode: 

  • Learn the importance of authenticity and why people should come first in your business. 
  • CEOs face a lot of temptations that can distract from a business's core values. Alex talks about how he stays focused.
  • Be sure to focus on the services you provide rather than too much on the brand. 
  • Don't get so wrapped up in doing things that you think make a business that you forget WHY you started the business.

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Connect with Alex Bram:
Website: www.hubtel.com
LinkedIn: @AlexBram 
Instagram: @thealexbram
Twitter: @thealexbram


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