Want to Build a Career in Tech? Master Soft Skills

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Last week we invited Anemari Fiser to share more about her experience and perspective on successfully building a career in tech.

(Listen to the entire conversation here)

Her number one piece of advice was to make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to master soft skills.

During our conversation, she also shared that:

The best way to find your next role is through networking, tech communities, and spaces:

First because we are people...We react based on human interaction...By talking to people, it's basically how they get to know you...and it builds that default trust...Second, because there is this thing called the hidden market of finding opportunities...[which] basically [means that] jobs are not [always] advertised... [and] you don't get to see because they are taken before you get to know get to them.

She also shared how she felt that completing a degree in computer science did not fully prepare her for a full-time role:

I think I've only been using like 10% in my job as a software engineer from the things that I learned in school. The rest it was basically adapting and having the mindset and ability to learn new things.

Have any other tech-focused career advice? Let us know below.

(Listen to the entire conversation here)

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P.P.S. Listen to my latest podcast episode (here) about building your awareness around your time. Are you creating time to strengthen new skills?


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