Three things you may have never considered about podcasting

2023_Week 7 - Live

What is the best way to share your expertise, thought leadership, or new ideas?

I would argue that a podcast is a great medium to do that.

I've had my podcast for a few years now, and with over 70 episodes, I've enjoyed challenging myself to be more succinct in my communication and improve my interviewing skills.

Last week I invited my digital nomad Podcast Manager Valery Colli to join me and share her perspective on podcasting in 2023.

(Listen to the entire conversation here)

Here are three things you may have never considered about podcasting:

1/ Start with the 'end' in mind. 

The first thing you should do is set a goal. Success will be defined by whatever goal you set yourself in podcasting. No two podcasters have the same goal. You may start a podcast to help potential clients overcome objections, to share your platform with others, or to network with ideal clients. You get to decide the why, but make sure you are clear on your objective before you get started. Your goal can, of course, evolve. For example, you could go from wanting to build a community to providing that community with offers.

2/ You don't have to produce and release episodes forever.

One of the main objections people have when starting a podcast is that they feel like they have to continue to podcast 'forever.' You do not need to have hundreds of podcast episodes. Just a few episodes might be enough to achieve your goals. You also get to decide what 'consistent' looks like based on your goals. Maybe you only want to release one episode a month or a few a year.  

3/ You can repurpose/ reuse/ reshare/ recycle your podcast episodes.

Your podcasts are a library of work that anyone can access anytime. They do not pop up randomly, thanks to a social media algorithm, and you can reuse the content in many ways. From creating short sound clips to transcribing the audio for written content, investing in recording a podcast episode (or audio in general) can be very effective.

(Listen to Valery conduct a live audit and provide feedback [38:02])

Do you have a podcast? Why did you start it? Let me know below.

P.S. Register here to join us next week for a conversation about AI and DEI. We will be discussing if algorithms are biased! 

P.S. Make sure you listen to my latest podcast episode about the importance of reflection here.


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