Ep 63 // How To Become a Master Networker With Karen Jaw-Madson

Ep 63- Karen Jaw-Madson

Networking can inspire dread in a business leader, but taking time to build relationships is a necessary investment, helping fill knowledge gaps, identify opportunities, and ultimately, go farther and faster in business. 

In this episode, Akua Nyame-Mensah talks to executive coach/author Karen Jaw-Madson about how networking should be included in our daily habits, how to create authentic relationships, and how to play a role in helping to connect others as well. Don't let networking fall by the wayside because you lack confidence or don't know how to follow up after an initial meeting. Networking is like a flywheel; small efforts over time create momentum and compound as our web of relationships grows. 

Karen Jaw-Madson is a principal at Co.-Design of Work Experience, Editor-in-Chief of A New HR, author of "Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences at Work," and an instructor at Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program. She enables decision-makers to address organizational challenges that affect business performance, including leadership, company culture, talent optimization, and change management. She's also an investor and advisor to startups, lending her expertise - and vast network - to help others.

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Highlights in this episode: 

  • Akua and Karen talk about how their relationship is the result of networking - they would never have met if their mutual friend Kirin Kalia hadn't connected them.
  • Karen offers advice for business leaders who want to do good by connecting with others.
  • Learn how networking is a skill that can be developed with practice. 
  • Karen talks about the psychology of networking and how we are social creatures who need to make connections to survive. 
  • Connecting others is a great way to be an ally, creating an access point for people who may not otherwise have one.
  • Karen talks about how working at many levels within organizations gives a helpful perspective to support an entire organization. 
  • Hear specific examples of how Karen's networking led to several book collaborations, some of which had many co-authors, which expanded her network even more.
  • Love to learn? Karen talks about books she's contributing to and their fascinating topics, including writing a chapter for one book on hubris and how leaders can avoid it by being open to learning.

Mentioned in this episode: 

Find a list of Karen Jaw-Madson’s books here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenjawmadson/details/publications/

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