Ep 51 // Confidence in the Bedroom Leads to Confidence in the Boardroom with Jingjin

Ep 51- Jingjin Liu

Learn how confidence in the bedroom leads to confidence in the boardroom as Akua welcomes JingJin Liu, founder, and CEO of ZaZaZu. The two talk about the connection between sex education and female health, self-confidence, and how to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Guest JingJin Liu is a serial entrepreneur, active Angel Investor, and Advisor to female-driven, early-stage startups. She has a corporate background, having served as the first and youngest woman to become Global Marketing Director at WABCO, managing portfolios of up to $800 million.

She started ZaZaZu in 2020 to help women navigate modern challenges both in the workplace and at home. It is the first platform of its kind in Asia. ZaZaZu aims to break taboos behind female health, sex education, and intimacy while empowering women in all aspects of their lives.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • JingJin talks about growing up as an outlier in Beijing and why she left for Germany at 16.
  • The two talk about modern women's challenges in life and at work. Being a "good woman" often means being good for someone else (i.e., a good wife, mother, etc.)
  • How building confidence from within is rooted in sexuality.
  • Unlike men, women don't feel entitled to what they desire.
  • How asking for what you want in the bedroom is the perfect practice for asking for a promotion or raise at work.
  • When children are educated about sex, they are more confident in saying no.
  • JingJin talks about how she avoids burnout as she strives to break the thousand-of-years-old taboos of talking about sex.

Contact JingJin Liu:

Website: Zazazu.vip:ZaZaZu - Empowering Women to Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs
LinkedIn: @jingjinLiu


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