Ep 50 // Celebrating 50 Episodes

Ep 50

Akua is celebrating her 50th podcast episode! She’s sharing some words of wisdom about podcasting and what she’s learned about herself in the process, as well as the top three most popular episodes and what they offer.

It’s been about a year since Akua started releasing her weekly podcast episodes. If you’ve ever wanted to be a public speaker in any capacity or host your own podcast, Akua has some thoughts about how you can show up and be consistent. 

Long-time listeners of the Open Door Conversations podcast know that even as an experienced speaker, Akua was terrified to start a podcast. She expands on why and what has changed since she started. 

Akua acknowledges that she accomplished 50 episodes with help from her virtual assistant, podcast manager, all her service provider buddies, amazing interviewees, coaches, founders, and especially you, her listeners! Thank you!

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Highlights From This Episode: 

  • Akua talks about why she started a podcast and the video episodes that preceded it. 
  • Podcasting has taught Akua several things about herself, but her top three include she can speak off the cuff.
  • Though she was afraid of becoming bored repeating her message, Akua has found that she is still excited to talk about her message on social media and on her podcast. 
  • Having a public-facing show can be intimidating because you never know who could be listening and what their reactions will be. Learn how Akua overcame that fear.
  • One of Akua’s top episodes was Ep 6: #Ask Akua: Self Love and Self Trust. In this episode, Akua talked about finding “enoughness” in your business, defining success, and the #IAMREMARKABLE initiative.
  • Eliminating imposter syndrome is a top subject with listeners; an interview with coach Kim Witten, Ph.D., about imposter syndrome and the “imposter phenomenon” was rated very highly. Akua also talks about how to recognize toxic environments and whether or not to adapt to one. 
  • Ep. 11: Time is Manufactured in the Mind is a fascinating look at time management and productivity. Find the link below and learn to shift your perspective of time from being negative or fear-based. You’ll also hear Akua introduce her leadership quiz in this episode!

Links mentioned in this episode: 

Ep 01: Akua’s Story 
Ep 06: #AskAkua // Self-Worth + Self-Love
Ep 11: Time is Manufactured in the Mind
Ep 21: Eliminating Imposter Syndrome and Being a New Coach with Kim Witten 


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