Ep 48 // I Graduated 12 Years Ago: Here are the 5 Top Lessons I've Learned Building My Career

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Since it's the end of the school year in many places in the world, Akua is talking about the things she's learned since graduating 12 years ago and starting her own business as an executive and leadership coach. 

If you are fresh out of school or you've been out for a while and find yourself questioning your major or career choice, this episode will help put things into perspective and guide you in the direction of your joy. 

Remember, you are not what you studied in college. You are complex, multi-talented, and multi-passionate; you are not ONE thing. To find fulfillment as a leader or business owner, it's important to deeply understand yourself, your strengths, preferences, and values. Listen in for ways to leverage the things that make you happy in your career so you can stay motivated and fulfilled!

Highlights in This Episode:

  • Realize you are not what you study, so don't get hung up on whether or not you're doing what you went to school for. 
  • Akua talks about her post-graduate studies. You might be surprised by what she studied!
  • Accept that we are evolving beings, and opportunities that exist today may not have been there when we were in college. 
  • Gone are the days when people stayed in one career until retirement. Remember, you don't have to do one thing forever. 
  • Situations change, but core values are consistent.
  • Akua talks about using core values to make decisions and how her three core values are manifested in her coaching style.
  • Be creative about putting your multiple talents to work both inside and outside of work.
  • Learn how to be more self-aware and focus on energy and what gives you life. 
  • Build your business so you can tap into the things you enjoy, and as you can, delegate the rest. 
  • Why rethinking engagement and showing up for yourself can lead to productivity and profit. 


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