Ep 47 // Pursuing your Purpose with Dorcas Nakaye

Ep 47- Dorcas Nakaye

To find success and purpose in a career, it is important to possess both the skill AND the passion for what you do. But what if the skill you’ve invested so much time (and money) into learning leaves you unfulfilled? In this episode, Akua welcomes her virtual assistant, Dorcas Nakaye, as she shares her inspiring story about being empowered to pivot her career to pursue purpose and happiness. 

After studying accounting at her university, Dorcas landed a great job. On paper, it was perfect; it suited her skills and paid well. But even after the first day, she felt uneasy. Maybe it was just the company… But after several jobs in the same sector, Dorcas realized she was deeply unfulfilled and was misaligned with her purpose. 

Find out how Dorcas left the accounting world and found her passion as a virtual assistant (VA) for coaches and consultants. She also talks about the services she offers and how her work gives her clients their time back so they can spend more energy on their clients and more time with their families. 

After listening, you’ll be inspired to do your own happiness check in your career or business, and you may even be surprised by how a virtual assistant can help you!

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Highlights in this episode:

  • Dorcas describes the warning signs that she was not aligned with her purpose and how even offers of high pay and more perks couldn’t convince her to stay in finance. 
  • Akua and Dorcas talk about how they met, how Akua inspired Dorcas through this podcast, and why cold emails sometimes work! 
  • Find out why Dorcas believes it’s important to be inspired by the clients she serves.
  • Dorcas talks about some misconceptions about VAs.
  • Learn the tips that have helped Dorcas be successful in her VA business
  • Services that Dorcas provides including bookkeeping, marketing, and, soon, podcast management. 
  • Akua talks about her initial hesitancy to hire a virtual assistant as a business owner but how doing so has given her the capacity to further serve her clients without burnout. 
  • The two discuss the importance of trust and communication between a VA and a business owner.
  • Dorcas talks about who she is outside of work and her exciting season of change as she prepares to get married and move to the US from Manchester, England.

Connect with Dorcas Nakaye:

Website: www.thevirutalaction.com
Instagram: @thevirtualaction
LinkedIn: @thevirtualaction 
Email: info@thevirtualaction.com


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