Ep 41 // Stop Giving Out Equity with Kirin Kalia of Growth Through Story

Ep 41- Kirin Kalia

In this episode, Akua welcomes startup veteran Kirin Kalia to talk about how startups can grow their revenue faster without giving up equity. If you are a startup founder looking to create meaningful relationships with investors and enterprise clients that ensure future growth, this episode is a must-listen. 

As a tech and business journalist in New York during the dot-com boom, Kirin gained a deep appreciation for the energy and drive she witnessed from startup founders as they struggled to bring products and services to market. Her experiences launching and growing online publications and working on corporate innovation programs ultimately led her to want to support even more founders. In 2021 she created Grow Through Story, in which she helps founders build the crucial skill of pitching so they always know how to tell their unique story and tailor their message to connect with others. 

Kirin is honored to work with founders all over the world as they build solutions for their home markets or regions and believes, “When startups succeed, the whole world benefits.” She specifically enjoys supporting female and underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Listen to this episode to learn how, by helping her clients develop a powerful pitch, Kirin fosters conviction and confidence and, with those, the capacity to increase visibility, gain investors, and excite corporate executives. 

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Highlights in this episode: 

  • Find out what startups need to gain early on in their journey in order to grow quickly. 
  • Kirin describes the process she takes clients through to successfully pitch products to investors and corporates and why personal stories are so powerful. 
  • Learn strategies to help you inspire people to support you.
  • Find out the difference between pitching to corporate and pitching to investors and the crucial piece you need to include when soliciting enterprise support. 
  • What champions are, why they should be a founder’s best friend, and how to find your own champion.
  • Akua reinforces why soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, relationships, and negotiating, are paramount in driving revenue and growing your startup. 
  • Kirin talks about how startups can learn to reframe their stories to connect with anyone.
  • Why founders cannot afford to waste time and why finding your tribe and getting the support you need is important. 
  • Discover the exact equation every founder needs in order to communicate their vision effectively.
  • Akua and Kirin discuss why asking for help is so important. 

Connect with Kirin Kalia: 

Website: www.Gtsnow.co
Twitter: @KirinKalia
Linked: @KirinKalia


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