Ep 31 // Sex and Love for Leaders with Intimacy Coach Erica M. Daniel

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The topic of this Open Door Conversation is getting to know yourself better, on an intimate level, to be exact. Akua interviews Erica Daniel, an intimacy coach that has led a multi-passionate life. Erica values learning and exploring the world through cultures, food, and the people living in it. She has always supported love for all people; after a few career shifts, she is currently working as an intimacy coach, focusing on married men and single professional women.

In this episode, Akua and Erica talk about getting in touch with ourselves to maintain intimate relationships with others. They cover different types of intimate relationships people have and ways to nurture those relationships. You won’t want to miss the positive, loving, and educational discussion between Akua and Erica.

Highlights from the episode:

  • How we build and grow the different relationships in our lives
  • What is intimacy, and how do intimacy coaches help others
  • Intimacy in personal, familial, and business relationships
  • Learning when to pause, pivot, and prioritize
  • Fostering relationships with others to build the life you desire

Connect with Erica M. Daniel:


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