EP 30 // How to Apologize and Practice Compassion

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Do you want to learn how to apologize effectively as a Leader?

A lot of people find apologizing difficult. But it's an important skill to learn, especially if you're a leader in your company or organization. Apologizing is about much more than just saying the words, "I'm sorry." It starts with learning to look inward and see your impact on others.

In this episode of the Open Door Conversations podcast, Akua will be talking all about how to apologize as a leader. We all make mistakes, and it's important to learn how to apologize with compassion and sincerity. She'll share some tips on how to make amends and also discuss the importance of forgiveness in both personal and professional relationships. 

Highlights from the episode:

  • Why learning how to engage with others and your team creates incredible results for your business
  • Emotional intelligence and the role it plays in creating a successful workplace
  • Diving deep into why it's hard to apologize and do as a leader for yourself and your team
  • Intent does not trump impact when apologizing to your team or your clients
  • The differences between men and women in the apology space
  • Why validating an experience is important and not minimizing how someone felt
  • Creating a safe space and value of trust for your team
  • The 6 core components of an effective apology to keep in mind

Resources mentioned in the episode:


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