EP 28 // #AskAkua // Goal Setting Tricks

Ep 28

This episode of the Open Door Conversations Podcast is for leaders who are serious about conquering their goals. It's for the reluctant leaders, for the overwhelmed leaders, and for the leaders that find themselves somewhere in between. But most importantly, it's for leaders who are looking for tangible ways to be successful in 2022.

In today's episode, Akua shares how to make the most of your goal setting this year. She outlines mistakes she sees leaders make and offers a plan on how to reserve them. Sit back and listen as she shares a five-step system for leaders to keep in mind when setting motivational goals. If you find goal-setting icky, or maybe you only remember your goals last minute, what Akua will share today will transform the way you think about goal setting.

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Highlights from today's episode:

  • Overview about Leadership Mindset Course - how to increase your motivation in relation to your goals
  • The 3 basic types of leaders
  • The 5 mistakes that every leader tends to make and how to reverse that with Akua here five-step system.
  • Akua here five-step system for setting goals

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