EP 26 // Building Irresistible Products & Relationships with Josh Hayman of Interact Quiz Maker

Ep 26- Josh Haynam

In this episode of the Open Door Conversation Podcast, Akua interviews Josh Haynam; CEO and founder of Interact Quiz Maker. Josh describes himself as an atypical entrepreneur, although his entrepreneurial journey started 15 years ago in high school. Upon graduating from UCLA, Josh and his friends jumped into the world of starting their own business.  

Josh tells his story of building Interact, discusses team building and team relationships, and tells us about the struggles and successes that Interact has had through years of growth. Josh and his team used determination and a bit of stubbornness to continue working to reach the level Interact is at today. Join Akua and Josh to hear more about his journey and plans for the future of his company.  

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Highlights from the episode

  • Working on relationships with your cofounders and team 
  • Using your teams' strengths to build company culture 
  • Asking for help when you need it and giving help when others need it
  • Staying determined and motivated to find success in your business 
  • Taking rest to recharge when needed

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Connect with Josh Haynam:
LinkedIn: Josh Haynam
Join the community: Interact Quiz Maker: Create Your Own Quiz For Free


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