Ep 24 // Quitting and Evolving Without Ego with Dzifa Ababio

Ep 24- Dzifa Ababio

Hello and welcome back to the Open Door Conversations podcast. Today Akua interviews Dzifa, an entrepreneur and wellness enthusiast living in Accra, Ghana. Dzifa has a hand in many fields such as the legal domain, marketing and branding, food entrepreneurship, and starting a menswear brand. He also started a wellness company and will soon release a wellness journal.  

Dzifa has let his career and interests evolve as he learns more about himself. He has organically moved to the next passion calling his name. He still has a hand in many of the entrepreneurial endeavors he began, and he is comfortable starting new projects and ventures when the time comes. Akua asks him about each step of his journey, and Dzifa shares the lessons and realizations he has had along the way.  

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Highlights from the episode

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone to help you evolve
  • Taking ownership of your time and how you spend it 
  • Moving to the wellness and healing space as an entrepreneur 
  • How to allocate time to different brands and projects 
  • Growing out of perfectionism

Connect with Dzifa  Ababio:

Lumiverte Menswear: @lumiverte
Yabo’s Food Truck: @yabosfood
Email: Dzifa.Ababio@gmail.com


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