EP 17: Authoring Your Own Story with Former Googler Amy Yip

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In this Open Door Conversation, Akua has the pleasure of speaking with life transformation and mental fitness coach Amy Yip. Amy works with high-achieving women to help them recognize what they want in life and become the author of their own stories. She reminds us that if we don’t author our own story, someone else will.  

Amy shares her journey from a high-level corporate job at Google to living and loving the nomadic lifestyle she has now. Akua asks Amy about what challenges she faced while deciding to leave behind the expectations of others to find the happiness she has now. Amy courageously pushed her way through the “shoulds” that prevented her from pursuing her dream life. Now she helps other women do the same.  

Highlights from the episode:

  • Amy’s journey from corporate NYC to world traveler
  • Forgetting what you “should” do and realizing what you want to do 
  • Importance of mindset over circumstance 
  • Navigating relationships and expectations with family 
  • The power of feminine energy 

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