Ep 15: #Ask Akua // Let's Talk About Money

Ep 15

Welcome to this #AskAkua episode about something we all have experiences and feelings about- money. A lot of people have a mindset about money that needs some updating. It makes many people uncomfortable, but it does not have to be that way.   

Our attitude towards money will often dictate the results we get from it. Get comfortable with money and how you think about it by using the process Akua shares today. By cultivating our awareness around money, we can begin thinking about what we should be compensated with.  

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Highlights from the episode

  • Recognizing the thoughts you currently have about money
  • Engaging with your feelings about money and working towards your wants 
  • Akua’s formula for determining the compensation you should get
  • Salaries pertaining to cultures, backgrounds, and passports
  • Ways to compensate people other than money

Resources from the episode:


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