EP 12 // How to be an Engaging Virtual Speaker and How to Deal with Your Inbox

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In today’s #AskAkua episode, Akua is answering questions that will help to improve your public speaking and our email habits. To start, she gives tips and tools that will serve both beginners and seasoned speakers with in-person and online presentations. Communicating is a critical part of building and growing a business. Practicing can turn the most nervous speakers into confident and prepared ones. 

Akua also covers email prioritization. Everyone gets emails, probably too many of them, but most people don’t know how to treat their inbox. Your inbox should not be your task list. Contrary to how many feel, your email does not have to be the source of great anxiety. Akua shares ways to structure and prioritize your inbox so that you can quickly get through messages and move on to the more critical money-making work.  

Highlights from the episode:

  • Creating an engaging environment when speaking and presenting
  • Tools that will help you improve your communication skills
  • Planning for the worst at live or online speaking engagements
  • Beating email overwhelm
  • Mantras to remind you that email is not the most significant part of your job

Resources from the episode:


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