EP 10 // Building a Business With a Romantic Partner Featuring Oluwasoga and Genevieve Oni

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Thank you for joining the Open Door Conversations Podcast for more leadership support. Today we cover building a business with a romantic partner and co-founders. If you are interested in being a founder or you work closely with another leader, this episode is for you. Akua interviews 2 company founders, Oluwasoga and Genevieve, about how they began their business, what has helped them find success, and what their goals are for the future. They give insight into what it takes to run a business with a significant other and how to scale your idea into a company.

MDaaS Global started as an idea in one of Oluwasoga's MIT courses. Since launching the company his life partner, Genevieve, and two other co-founders have joined. Their medical equipment distribution business started in Nigeria and has plans to support people throughout Africa. MDaaS Global works to fill the gaps in healthcare by increasing access to high-quality and affordable healthcare. These founders have successfully pivoted their company several times, and in this episode, they share their thoughts on what has helped them reach their goals. Oluwasoga and Genevieve give entrepreneurial advice and share their passion for the company's mission to help others.

Highlights from the episode:

  • How to set boundaries
  • How to embrace change in your business
  • How to scale a business in a sustainable way
  • How to build a team with roles that work best for you

Connect with Oluwasoga and Genevieve:

MDaaS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mdaasglobal/

MDaaS Twitter: https://twitter.com/mdaasglobal?lang=en

MDaaS Global Website: https://www.mdaas.io/

Genevieve's LinkedIn

Oluwasoga's LinkedIn


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