EP 07 // How to Use Anger As a Teacher with Seryna Myers

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Today's open-door conversation is with Seryna Myers. Seryna Myers is a Sacred Transformation Coach, Author of Sacred Anger, and Professional Speaker. Her divinely guided coaching guides recovering people pleasers to explore what they need and how they really feel (including uncomfortable emotions like anger) and what they really want so they can give themselves radical permission to claim it all.

Seryna's personal and professional commitment to exploring the shadow side of lightwork in safe and sacred spaces is what makes her coaching programs have a deep and lasting impact. Her free guide: 3 Easy Steps to Pursue Your Purpose, is available at seryna.ca/purpose.

This episode is for anyone who has felt anger, big or small. Seryna and Akua discuss how to leverage that feeling and use it as a tool to helps us learn lessons. Although anger can feel consuming, it is important to have strategies in place so that when anger presents itself, there is a process for working through it and learning from it. When we choose to skip over the processing step, our anger often comes back to visit again and again until we recognize it, sit with it, and ultimately learn from it.

Highlights from the episode:

  • How to use anger as a teacher
  • How to use anger to further discover your identity and purpose
  • How to create a support system for yourself so you are ready to process emotion
  • Different tools and practices for observing and processing your emotions
  • The ultimate beginner's guide to rituals and routines for emotional well being

Connect with Seryna Myers:

Instagram: @serynamyers
YouTube: @Seryna Myers
Book - Sacred Anger - Seryna Myers - Transformation Coach + Spiritual Mentor

Connect with Akua Nyame-Mensah:

Instagram: @akua_nm
Website: www.akuanm.com
LinkedIn: @Akua Nyame-Mensah
Twitter: @akua_nm
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