EP 02 // How to Choose Freedom & Redefine Success with Success Coach Ellany Lea

Ep 01 - Ellany Lea

Welcome to the second episode from The Open Door Conversations Podcast.  This episode is all about Freedom and Destroying the Status Quo. Our guest is Ellany Lea, a success coach and business mentor who received her coaching training from the prestigious Co-Active Training Institute.

Today, Ellany Lea teaches us the true meaning of freedom. She believes that everyone deserves to have the freedom to be who they really are and discusses the key points needed to get there. Ellany also gets personal as she shares the struggles of being the child of immigrants and how she was able to break free from cultural expectations. Additionally, she talks about money mindset and how money can become an opportunity for spiritual, emotional, and mental growth.

Have a listen to this episode with Ellany Lea, and take the first step towards being who you truly want to be.

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Highlights from the episode:

  • 5 Elements of Freedom and Spiritual Maturation
  • Mastering courage
  • Surrendering gracefully
  • The truth of self
  • Reclaiming your innocence
  • Different types of freedom
  • The guilt and triggers in being an immigrant
  • Her personal journey towards cultural freedom
  • The effects of cultural guilt and shame in all areas of life
  • Money mindset

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Ellany Lea:

Website: www.ellanylea.com
Instagram: ellanylea
Freedom Fundamental Program

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Ireoluwa Akinrinola

This is a masterpiece, I really enjoyed the conversation. I realised I also suffer from filial piety, Seems Africans also have a blend of it in our culture. and her perspective on money is quite unique, I love it. Keep up the good work

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