EP 01 // Akua's Story

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Welcome to the Open Door Conversations Podcast! Akua is so excited to start this podcast that is sure to be full of open and honest conversations. Since leaving her job 3 years ago as a startup leader, Akua has worked for herself as a successful leadership coach focusing on skills that help leaders to love themselves, love their work, and love their life. The goal of this podcast is to share useful leadership information, different perspectives on life, and ways to know and love yourself even more.

Frustrated, a little lost, and burnt out, Akua decided to leave her company and begin doing something she never expected. She launched her leadership consulting company and started working for herself. Although it was (and is) challenging, she has found that knowing herself and finding strength in those that supported her ultimately leads to the ability to work how she wants to. Today, Akua shares some major lessons she has learned while working virtually with clients to strengthen their leadership skills. Akua emphasizes that getting clear on your values is important and even talks about her main values.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Going from working for others to launching her business
  • Lessons learned from the past 3 years owning her business
  • The importance of main values
  • Her main values in personal and professional life

Let’s keep the conversation going; tell me about YOUR story! Use #askakua on your social media story to get a special gift.

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