EP 03 // Masking Feelings + Finding Balance

Ep 03

Welcome back to the Open Door Conversations Podcast! Whether you are looking for leadership info, unique perspectives on life, or to better understand yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Today, Akua is answering questions brought forward by listeners and breaking down her answers into easy-to-follow steps.

How do you approach topics that are not so positive when those around you are pushing positivity at all times? Akua gives information and guiding ideas on how to engage with yourself or with others when positivity goes too far and becomes unhelpful.

What about finding “balance” in life? Akua gives her honest opinion about how tiring it can be to achieve balance and breaks it down into attainable goals and tasks.

She addresses both questions using 3 steps for understanding yourself better:

  1. Cultivate awareness around the situation.
  2. Experiment and engage in different ideas and methods to change the situation.
  3. Set expectations and think about moving forward.

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Highlights from the episode:

  • Using steps to know yourself better
  • Toxic positivity
  • The importance of feeling
  • How to achieve “balance.”
  • Focusing on integration over balance

Resources Mentioned:


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