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Welcome to The Open Door Podcast. In this welcome message, your host Akua shares with you what you can expect from the Open Door Conversation Podcast. 

If you want to know when we will be launching the podcast, connect with Akua on Instagram or LinkedIn, so when we launch the podcast, you will be the first to know.


Welcome to the open door podcast, my name is Akua Nyame-Mensah I also respond to, Aqua, and Akua. I'm a certified executive and leadership coach recognized facilitator and former startup executive that focuses on supporting leaders with their productivity, so they can better engage their people, and improve their performance. When I was first given the opportunity to build a business, I felt alone, I had no one I could turn to interested no one to support me, I felt like asking for help and taking breaks, would make me look weak. It took nearly burning out twice to realize that I needed to shift my approach to not just working, but my life, I realized that one of the most productive and profitable things I could do was to deeply understand how I showed up, what was important to me and how I thrived, so I could get the support I needed and align everything and my work in life, to support that we all live in bubbles and it's human nature to experience, events, and conversations through our inherently narrow lens, so my podcast is dedicated to opening the door to different and new perspectives to support you on your leadership journey, my podcast is for self-motivated business owners who are tired of their lack of clarity and inaction, founders who want to transition from doing the work themselves to building highly engaged and productive teams. And finally, ambitious professionals who are ready to ask for help and clarify where they should focus their time and energy each and every day. I am so excited that I will be sharing guest interviews of some of my favorite humans on the planet, and some new friends, solo episodes where I'll be going deep into topics around people, productivity, and performance. And finally, hashtag Ask Akua episodes where I get to answer questions directly from you. Make sure you follow me so that you see episodes pop up into your feed as soon as they're available. In the meantime, come over and follow me on Instagram at Akua underscore nm, and visit my website at www dot Akua nm dot com for more information about my work, I'm super excited, and also slightly nervous to share my first episode with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. stay safe and sane.

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love it and looking forward to it!

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Akua Nyame-Mensah

Thank you so much @Likeleli! I really appreciate it! 🤗

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