I Still Have a Fear of Public Speaking But...

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Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to talk about three things I've learned through having leadership positions at one of my favorite female-focused organizations, FemGems.

I mentioned that I am primarily an introvert, and someone asked how I became comfortable expressing myself out loud. I responded with three key thoughts:

  1. Taking the time to learn the stories I was telling myself around speaking: The main story I told myself was that I couldn't slow down and that slowing down my speaking pace would throw me off - surprise, it doesn't.
  2. Incorporating tools and techniques that help build my confidence: I use slides, notes and engage with my audience to make sure I slow down and ensure my point is understood.
  3. Practice: I practice a lot and ask for feedback.

If you are interested in learning more about my approach to making the most of me and my work, you can listen (LINK) to this great conversation with my MBA classmate Thembe Khumalo.

I talk about how Akua of ten years ago would have had a tough time talking slowly and preparing for a conversation. I also talk about how I teach what comes to me naturally: structure and time-management and what I have had to master the hard way - engagement and building relationships.


What stories are you telling yourself? How may they be holding you back?



Whenever you’re ready... here are three ways I can help you connect and focus to scale:

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