Feeling a Bit Unmotivated?

Week 30

So am I.

When I feel a bit off, distracted, nervous, or want to make sure I accomplish something significant, I stop and set mini-intentions using my five senses. 

Let me break it down for you:

  1. What do I want to see? 👁
  2. What do I want to hear? 🔊
  3. What do I want to smell? 👃
  4. What do I want to taste? 👅
  5. What do I want to feel/touch? 🤏

Now, let me apply it to how I prepare for group sessions I facilitate: 

  1. I see smiling faces and nodding.
  2. I hear vulnerable questions and stories.
  3. I smell my favorite body oil that makes me feel confident and alive.
  4. I taste the leftover food from my lunch in my mouth (I like to make sure I’m adequately fed before doing any sessions).
  5. I feel the breeze on my skin as I talk through the content.


Not all of your tasks will be motivating, and you will get distracted, but you can recalibrate by visualizing or imagining how you want to feel now.

If you try this technique to refocus, let me know how it goes.

GET STARTED by practicing how to be intentional before you start your next task or engagement after reading this.

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