Want to Show Up Differently?

Week #25

If you do, take a second to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. 

Accessing the hidden parts of yourself – what you might be ashamed of, have hidden, or previously denied is ALSO part of that.

We need to bring light to them, integrate them, and bring them into our awareness so we can embrace our humaneness and remind ourselves that we are not perfect.

My responsibly as a leader and coach are to use my privilege to help others raise their self-awareness so they can show up and get things done for their business and in their life.

When you feel resistance, there might be something you want to work through. 

For example: If you ever think to yourself, ‘my way of communicating is the right way or only way,’ then you know you have some work to do.  

You might ask yourself: Why do I believe this? Where does that thought come from? How does this thought serve me? Could this approach hinder my progress in any way?

<Grab your Building Our Awareness Around our Perspectives, Prejudices and Privilege worksheet here > 

Your external world behaviors and reactions will always mirror your inner world.

Together we have the power to change the world through our beliefs, thoughts, and intentions, which ultimately impact our actions.

I’m off to do the work.

Please share this with someone you think might benefit from introspection.

GET STARTED by journaling and reflecting on the attitudes, behaviors, and perspectives that might be holding you back using this worksheet.

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