100% of Us Do This

Week #23

Did you figure it out?

Come on, guess!

Fine, I will tell you…

It is procrastination.


Because as humans, we are not designed to do scary things - and our brains are trying to protect us.  

We create habits to avoid things - to protect and relieve ourselves from perceived fear and anxiety, such as rejection, judgment, or failure.

This habit is called procrastination.

This video gives you a great starting point on how to change your habit of avoiding: 

  1. Acknowledge it - For example, I realized that I was avoiding finishing this newsletter.  I tried not to get annoyed at myself for waiting until 9 pm this evening to get started. I reminded myself it’s natural to want to make a good impression on my readers and make sure my content was relevant.
  2. Interrupt it - In the past, I would wait until I got inspiration to write something, but I know how I sometimes avoid writing, so I went to my notes I had written a few weeks ago and took a look at a few old LinkedIn posts for instant inspiration.
  3. Work for a bit on what you were avoiding - I told myself I could start to draft the email and finish it tomorrow morning if I need to.  Result? I was able to finish writing this before going to bed.  What the experts have found - if you start, you are most likely to continue.

Ok, so I know not everything is as easy as writing out a newsletter.  Still, the first step in overcoming procrastination is being aware that you are stressed out about a task or responsibility.


Everyone is procrastinating on something in life (and start small). 

Please share this with someone you think might benefit from remembering they are human.

GET STARTED by thinking about what you are deciding not to do or avoiding. Write it down and break it by acknowledging, interrupting, and telling yourself you are just going to spend a few minutes starting to work on it.

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