2020 – My Year In Review Practice


I don’t believe in making generic new year resolutions. Instead, I prefer, to reflect on the past: my highs and lows, from which I extract lessons, rate my present state and then envision my future. I use this information to develop a yearly vision and theme.  My yearly review practice was inspired by a recording from a platform called The Foundation and I have been doing this consistently over the last four years. It is fun to go back through see the progress I’ve made and what my focus has been. 

I wanted to share my vision and themes from the last four years:



  1. I will focus on making sure that I further develop my leadership and coaching skills.
  2. I will be vulnerable, present and make sure I share my thoughts with the person I am intimate with.
  3. I will find a place to invest my money where I can have a space for myself and loved ones.
  4. I will continue to spend time with my family and friends who appreciate me for who I am.
  5. I will focus on making sure I am constructive in my speaking and ensure that my thoughts are heard but communicated in an effective way.


  • Be myself, on constructive steroids. 
  • Push myself to connect.
  • Feel and move forward.

Download my 20/20 Vision Process Workbook



  1. I will keep trying to find what makes me happy and excited
  2. I will keep in mind that everyone has their own version of reality and their own truths
  3. I will spend time with and around people who wish me well and want the best for me
  4. I will stay focused on the present and empathize before acting and thinking

Theme: Year of finding me and focusing on those I love



  1. Be confident in my thoughts and actions.
  2. Don’t stop trying iterating and being open.

Theme: year of being confident and iterating consistently 

This year my vision and theme are focused on my approach to my business rather than on my personal life.



  1. Ruthless with my priorities and not settling
  2. Ruthless with serving and providing value
  3. Ruthless with demanding that people invest in me at my worth

Theme: Exponential Value and Visibility 

The next step I take is to transform my vision and theme into actionable and achievable goals.

My vision and theme inform my attitude and behavior for the next year.  I put my vision and themes in places I can see regularly like in my daily planner or in a Stickie on my laptop screen.

Want some help thinking through your year and setting your vision for 2020?

Download my free 20/20 Vision Workbook here and watch my Instagram Story introducing my approach. If you get in touch I will take you through the exact same 90-minute process I have used for the last four years to go from overwhelmed and distracted to clear and intentional.

Finally, if you would like to follow along on the specific tasks and things I am implementing based on my vision, bookmark this page here.  I will be sharing a new post every few days or so.

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Likeleli Monyamane

Thank you for sharing this Akua. My approach has always been to divide my life into different areas and set goals for each one. I realise from what you’ve shared that I’ve been missing the first step: defining my overall vision, which I find to be very useful as you’ve described it because it provides a framework within which one can set the goals. I love it. It’s also really encouraging to see how the vision you’ve shared  - from 2017 - has really translated into results in your life and how each new vision builds on the past. Looking forward to reading more from you 

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