What Has Improved My Productivity During COVID

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2020 is the year in which I'm focusing on Exponential Value and Visibility.  A huge part of being able to achieve this is using my vision and theme to define my actions that ultimately determine my results. You can follow my journey to experience my vision here. 

I have worked from home for about two years now, but I am always learning new ways to stay on top of my tasks and get things done.  It is my job to engage and interact with others but to be able to do so successfully I have learned I have to make the most of my personality to protect my energy and time.

Here are five things recently that have allowed me to stay on top of my work:

  1. Being intentional with my boundaries. For the last few years, I have selected a yearly theme and goals. I get told a lot that I seem busy.  The truth is that I do not consider myself busy, I consider myself someone who has priorities.  I want to be successful and this year I decided I will be as ruthless with:
    1. my priorities and not settling
    2. serving and providing value
    3. demanding that people invest in me at my worth

There are various ways I do this starting with sharing content with potential clients to help qualify them.  The four other items in this list are ways in which I protect my energy and get things done.

  1. Setting time to use social media.  I use social media for business development.  I share content to increase my visibility, demonstrate my value and connect with clients.  Social media can also be a black hole so instead of just checking social media whenever I feel compelled, I schedule time daily to look at my accounts.  I have a checklist of things I do on my accounts to make sure I get through everything efficiently.
  2. Turning WhatsApp off on my laptop and turning off notifications on my phone.  I love WhatsApp, it is my favorite way to communicate but it can also be a time suck. I will sometimes use WhatsApp for business audio and video calls but try my best to not get into personal WhatsApp texting conversations. I also try my best to redirect all conversations to email, because it is easier to keep track of what is being said and what has been done.  
  3. Using a calendar and providing different amounts of meeting time based on the conversation's priority to my business.  I hate people calling me out of the blue - I have conversations for a living.  I also don’t like keeping track of my time and have set up an entire system to do so. You can read more about my favorite calendar software on this post here.  I do not want to go back and forth with people to talk about when I’m available unless the call is directly related to my goal of demonstrating my value and increasing my visibility.
  4. Saying no to things.  This is honestly the best skill I have developed since starting my business. I was really good at it when I was using someone else’s money but somehow when I first started my practice, I told myself I should try as many things as possible. I no longer do that, and my bank account is grateful. For example, I now usually say no to unscheduled and unsolicited meetings.  I ask people to use my calendar to schedule a time to speak that works best.

Did any of the things I shared resonate? Leaders and organizations have worked with me to make clear decisions and prioritize.  Get in touch to learn more.


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