About You


Shackled by the status quo / stereotypes 

  • See everything in black and white as if there’s no alternative? 

  • Difficulty seeing or operating outside the box of life, cultural, gender, role expectations?

  • Do you hear yourself saying “have to”, “should do” often?

  • Feeling oppressed by the “system” or the “rules” or cultural indoctrination? (e.g. The Matrix)?

  • Are you drowning in an ocean of sameness? Or stuck in cookie-cutter mode?


Trapped in the Stuck/Overwhelm Paradox

  • Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal, but end up stuck in research, analysis paralysis, distractions, and indecisiveness? (e.g. quicksand sinking)

  • Are you juggling stakeholders, board of directors, ambassadors, employees, clients, customers, funders, family <insert long list here> and not sure who to please first? (e.g. slow-motion tsunami)



  • Do you feel like you’re running around doing everyone else’s job?

  • Lack time/space to reflect and be strategic and delegate accordingly?

  • Have you become a dumping ground for everyone else’s problems?

  • Would you love to go beyond what’s right here, right now, and be future strategic and sustainable? (e.g. Not hire anyone just because they’re needed in this second)

How skilled are you at seeing and implementing alternative perspectives and approaches?

Learn about the Alternative and the Approach