Ep 95 // 3 Overlooked Secrets for Setting Effective Expectations and Goals

Ep 95

Want to improve on goal-setting or expectation-setting? This episode is for conscious leaders who want to enhance their approach to goal setting and create a positive and productive environment for themselves and their team. 

Expanding on her third pillar of leadership, expectation setting/goal setting, host Akua builds on themes from episode 93. She unveils the three overlooked aspects of goal setting, including the "when" or timing of the goal, who is responsible for the goal, and the definition of success. 

Learn the eight themes to reflect on as a leader as well as themes to reflect on when it comes to working with others! 

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Highlights in this episode: 

  • Learn to set clear and achievable expectations that will help you and your team succeed.¬†
  • Utilize the R.A.C.I. framework to clarify roles and responsibilities so everyone knows their responsibilities. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Communicate expectations clearly and consistently. Make sure that everyone understands the expectations.
  • Learn the importance of being open to feedback and adjust expectations as needed.¬†

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