Ep 84 // Engagement Starts with Self-Regulation & Management

This episode of the Open Door Conversations podcast focuses on the second step in Akua's three-step leadership framework: the importance of engagement. In addition to self-awareness and setting expectations, engagement is a crucial part of becoming a conscious and effective leader in the workplace.

As a business leader, founder, or executive, sometimes your biggest barrier to engaging with your team is staring at you in the mirror. Find out how your own thoughts, emotions, and existing habits could be sabotaging your efforts and some simple ways to self-regulate your way to meaningful engagement, influence, and productivity as a leader.

Highlights in this episode: 

  • Your ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations is crucial to your ability to effectively engage with others. 
  • Before engaging with others, you must engage with yourself. 
  • Learn some ways to self-regulate, including movement - a powerful way to stabilize emotions and hormones.
  • Listening is an effective way to break the behavior of overthinking or overwhelm. 
  • Akua shares an easy breathing exercise to help calm yourself and relax in order to maintain self-control.

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