Don't Leave 💰 on the Table: Network Your Way to Well-Paid Opportunities

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This week I was joined by former recruiter and Success Career Coach Joel Kojo Abaka Anaman to discuss how to find and secure well-paid opportunities in Africa.

The actionable advice he shared is applicable no matter where you live.

(Listen to the entire conversation here)

Here are three of my favorite moments from our conversation:

  1. Joel highlighted the importance of defining 'well-paid' and doing your research. He spoke about how relative the concept of 'well-paid' is and that it is your job as an applicant to understand the market and be prepared with scripts to answer the question around compensation.
  2. Joel broke down how each company has its own 'Compensation Philosophy' policies around engaging with potential employees. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, he found that recruiters were more structured and less likely to be open to having conversations outside of official interviews. In the tech industry, it is more likely that a potential employee can have access to both the hiring manager and recruiter. The only way to find out is to ask.
  3. Joel shared two basic ways to find and secure opportunities and referrals. He outlined that you can reactively or proactively find opportunities, but both require research and are not about quantity but quality. The focus should be on building genuine relationships and connecting with companies you are excited to work at.

(Listen to the scripts he shared about connecting with individuals on LinkedIn authentically)

What else should individuals keep in mind when having conversations with recruiters and hiring managers? Let us know below 👇🏽

P.S. Listen to my latest podcast episode (here) all about reflection and retrospection - an important skill to master to have better conversations with anyone.

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