Ep 75 // Reboot Your Operating System

Ep 75

Cultivating self-awareness in order to become a conscious leader is essential. In this episode, Akua guides you in reflecting on your communication style, decision-making style, and how you respond in stressful situations and how this relates to your innate personality.

She'll also discuss the concept of personality and how it is not set in stone but constantly evolving. Like an operating system, it is continually updating and can be influenced and changed.

If you're ready for a "reboot," listen in as Akua takes you through some exercises that she uses with her clients that will help you become more self-aware and communicate what you've learned to your team so that you can get the support you need efficiently and effectively while avoiding potential conflicts.

Highlights in this episode:

  • Akua talks about personality and the common misconception that it is static when it is more like an operating system that evolves over time.
  • Learn some of the key questions conscious leaders should ask themselves to ensure they remain influential and effective while engaging their team and making meaningful connections.
  • While knowing your personality is important, it is essential that you also learn how your team members perceive you by utilizing feedback and assessments.
  • Akua talks about developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your personality - a way to give others instructions on how to utilize your strengths best.

Resources Mentioned: 

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