EP 20: Check in With Your Goals Now

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 Creating goals is a wonderful habit for leaders. But are you keeping track and checking in on those goals? How often? Akua shares the simple 3 step process for checking in on your goals. Doing this regularly will help you hit the next level of success in your business.  

Without goals, you won’t have a compass to navigate your personal and professional life. Reflecting on your goals is a huge part of using this compass correctly. In this episode, Akua explains the 20-minute check-in she does with her goals.  

Highlights from the episode

  • How often you should reflect on your goals
  • Setting micro-goals and big goals 
  • Understanding where you need to shift or pivot 
  • Using your calendar in sync with your goals 
  • The 3 step check-in approach:
    • Stop
    • Start
    • Continue 

Resources mentioned

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