EP 05 // Three Simple Steps to Become a Better Leader

Ep 05

You may be shocked to hear that 85% of employees are not actively engaged in their work. That’s correct, 85%! Today’s episode of the Open Door Conversations Podcast will focus on how leaders can understand their employees in order to unlock the success they are looking for. One person cannot build an entire empire on their own. We must invest genuinely into those we lead if we expect them to actively help us create and build the company we desire.  

If you are feeling more like a business and team firefighter and less like an effective leader, then you are in the right place. In this episode, Akua reveals her 3 step process for building necessary employee engagement. By following this process and building a relationship with your team, they will be able to prosper and avoid dreaded burnout.  

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Highlights from the episode:

  • 3 keys to increasing employee engagement
  • Self-awareness and how to find it
  • Building relationships with your team
  • Developing communication and expectations with your team


Connect with Akua Nyame-Mensah:

Instagram: @akua_nm
Website: www.akuanm.com
LinkedIn: @Akua Nyame-Mensah
Twitter: @akua_nm
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