Taking my LinkedIn to the Next Level

LinkedIn Next Level

2020 is the year in which I'm focusing on Exponential Value and Visibility.  A huge part of being able to achieve this is transforming my vision and theme into actionable and achievable goals. One of my first goals was to make sure my online presence was consistent and communicated my value.  You can follow my journey to live my vision here.

LinkedIn has been amazing for me over the last few years.  I mention how investing time, energy, and resources into my LinkedIn profile has helped me be found and secure amazing opportunities (more specifically a Managing Director role, Co-Founder role, several coaching, and consulting opportunities) in this short post.

I wanted to share some of the things I will be looking at and updating in my profile so it is more aligned with my vision, and people have a clearer idea of the value and services I provide.

I split my time between three basic projects: my coaching, consulting (which includes my assessments), and building a community of coaches and experts at CoffeeChat. I want to make sure that my profile highlights who I currently serve rather than just talk about my past successes.

I get a lot of positive feedback from my LinkedIn profile and activity already:

LinkedIn Reach Out

LinkedIn 2

LinkedIn 3But I want to be able to connect faster with potential partners and serve potential clients so much value that individuals are just asking where to invest to work with me.

What does my LinkedIn look like now and how am I going to take it to the next level of visibility and value?

This is the view from inside my account.1 - Linkedin Before.png

A. Header Banner: I need to use it. I have plans to update it with my newest programs and taglines.

B. Photo: This is a recent professional photograph that makes me so happy. I no longer get, ‘you don’t look like your picture anymore’ when I show up to events. 🙄 In my previous picture, I have braids.

C. Headline: I like it. It has worked, but I want to focus on my niche and the value I provide rather than my generic title. 🧭

D. Company Logo: I created a company page (that also needs to be updated), so I could have my logo on my page. I feel like it is more professional looking.

E. What I want recruiters to see: The specific titles and positions I’m interested in pursuing.

F. What I want the public to see: I struggled to decide between public speaking/ coaching and consulting but settled on consulting because I felt I would make my coaching obvious through my profile and want to open myself up to more B2B opportunities. Even in my consulting practice, coaching is the primary technique and tool I leverage.

G. About: I LOVE ✨this section. I spent a lot of time, energy, and invested in a coach to help me put this together. It has helped me get quite far along over the last two years but needs to communicate my current services and value. I have a lot of ideas on what I want to share here. In my follow up post, I will breakdown what I decided to include and why.

2 - Linkedin Before.png

H. Experience ANM & Company: My Experience section needs quite a bit of work. I want to include accomplishments and specific services, both B2B and B2C, that people can invest in. 🤑

I. Experience CoffeeChat: I want to include more information about the platform and how people can get involved. I also want links people can click to learn more and about our uniqueness.

J. Licenses & Certifications: I believe this is key to demonstrating my value. Beyond my formal education (I have two master’s degrees), I have invested a lot of time energy into being the best coach I can be. I want to write out a bit more about each and how they can contribute to helping you evolve and be successful.

3 - Linkedin Before.png

K. Volunteer Experience: I have a few other volunteer positions I can include here. Volunteering is important to me and a lot of my coaching confidence comes from opening myself up to working with clients I wouldn’t normally have access to.

4 - Linkedin Before.png

L. Recommendations: It is tough to get good personalized recommendations. I have worked hard this year to get these. I have a fantastic process to get people to give me specific feedback and also write out a recommendation on LinkedIn.

What else should I be looking at?  Stay tuned for my updated LinkedIn. 

If you want some support making sure your online presence will get you closer to your vision get in touch.


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