Sometimes an outside voice can help spark innovation (fireworks) or bring about harmony (steady beacon).  Leveraging her unique methodology Akua works with organizations to help them build their leaders and teams to improve business and organization development performance.  She can provide support, facilitate and advise on the following topics:

  • Leadership

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Management

  • Communication and Public Speaking

  • Influence and Relationships

  • Diversity

  • Conflict

  • Recruitment and Succession Planning

  • High Performing Culture, Employee Engagement and Teams

  • Career Development (Career Clarity)


  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “Akua's passion for mentoring founders is obvious! From SaaS startups to supply chain management questions, I heard her give actionable feedback to a group of founders. Her rare, global experience gives her the ability to consult on a wide range of topics that is otherwise hard to find. Akua’s feedback is ideal for startup success because she serves what founders need: energy and motivation with a side of reality. She’s able to steer founders in the right direction with her tailored constructive feedback without slowing down their momentum. If you can schedule a time with her, you'll be grateful for her expertise.”


    Marketing Associate at the Founder Institute and Contributor at the Female Founder Initiative

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “I have known Akua for close to 5 years, and during that period she has been my boss, my mentor, my friend, and my go-to person. Her strengths are in leadership. She's a strong and passionate leader who's interested in the development of the team or individual she works with. Akua believes strongly that anything can be achieved if everyone works to their full ability...”


    Business Development Manager, Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “...Akua holds her values at her very high level, and I respect her a lot for this reason. She demonstrated high ethical standards from the start, not hesitating to speak out against management if she felt that the company’s direction or actions were contradicting her values. To me, the values that reflected in her actions were transparency, honesty, kindness and trust...200% would recommend! Akua is highly dedicated to others and to giving the best she can. She is also great fun to be around!”


    Business Developer, Ignition Program

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “...My favorite part about being around Akua is that I am always learning something new. Akua is always sharing things in passing and trying to help. She is always providing a new article, opportunity, sector news or tools. For example, when I was looking for accounting software, she introduced me to Wave...If you are thinking of working with Akua you should keep in mind that she doesn’t cut corners. She has the energy to finish any project she starts but if you come in with bullshit, try to cut corners, do something substandard, ‘smush’ over the truth or play with numbers Akua is NOT your person.”


    Tech Entrepreneur & Business Strategist

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “I spoke with Akua because I wanted to brainstorm on relevant business ideas.  Before our session, I was skeptical but wanted to speak with someone about the general negative demand trend and changes for our services.  I had tried traditional marketing but after my conversation with Akua, I felt great and talked through opportunities for diversification, collaboration, and partnerships.  Get in touch with Akua if you want to get ideas for a great change.”

    Peter Clay

    Country Manager, ICS Outsourcing