Sometimes an outside voice can help spark innovation (fireworks) or bring about harmony (steady beacon).  Leveraging her unique methodology Akua works with organizations to help them build their leaders and teams to improve business and organization development performance.  She can provide support, facilitate and advise on the following topics:

  • Leadership

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Management

  • Communication and Public Speaking

  • Influence and Relationships

  • Diversity

  • Conflict

  • Recruitment and Succession Planning

  • High Performing Culture, Employee Engagement and Teams

  • Professional Development (Career Clarity)


“The specific results I saw in my team members after the coaching were:

  1. My team members were more prepared to do a performance review with me, and

  2. It felt easier to align company and team goals with their personal goals.

While as a company we have always believed in coaching, one of my main concerns with signing members of my team up for coaching was the inability to see the specific way that it would lead to impact.  I can see from the results as a team manager that my team members are more aligned and more accountable for their success.”

David Yen, Head of Strategic Growth, BitPesa