Unlock Your Leadership: Embrace the Leadership Cycle

Approaching leadership through the Leadership Cycle frees you to pivot, be flexible, and adapt to an ever-changing, constantly evolving world. Rather than being boxed in by a particular leadership style, leadership is about continual renewal and self-development.


Leadership is commonly assumed to be a skill set each individual leader needs to master, and as those skills are mastered, the job gets easier. This thinking does nothing but set leaders up for failure and to blame themselves when new challenges and situations arise that are outside of their learned skill set.

What if leadership isn’t about that kind of steady progression, and eventually having all the answers? What if we understood leadership for what it really is: a cycle. A wave. When you think of it this way, you can understand that leadership will always have its ups and its downs and its unknowns. The best leaders learn to ride this wave by focusing not on finding a perfect answer or on what they think is right. Instead they focus on where they are and the resources they have – where they are within the leadership cycle – and make the most of it.

The Leadership Cycle

The Leadership Cycle is made up of 2 variables that interact with each other:

The Leadership Stages, which are a generalized way to reflect on where you are. You are always moving forward and backward through these stages – it is not a linear progression and there is no finish line – as leaders we are moving through these stages all the time.

The Leadership Conditions are the second variable. The conditions acknowledge the internal and external circumstances that will impact how you move through the stages.

Internal – your beliefs, assumptions, internal narrative, habits, routines

External – refers to conditions related to the environment you find yourself in and the stakeholders around you.


Lean into the stage you are in


Explore and adopt new perspectives and narratives


Make sure the resources you have to make a decision and prioritize


Connect and strategize to build sustainable processes

Approaching leadership through the Leadership Cycle frees you up to pivot, be flexible, adaptable to find new approaches in an ever-changing, constantly evolving world. You will gain unique insight each time you take the time to reflect and will realize that your ‘style’ should be one of continuously adapting to the circumstances around you.


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Leaders aren't born; they're made.

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