Ep 87 // Smashing Barriers and Reaching Peak Performance with Darcy Luoma

Ep 87- Darcy Luoma

Reaching peak performance as a leader, manager, or business owner takes practice and training, much like an athlete. This week, Akua welcomes Darcy Luoma, the author of the book "Thoughtfully Fit, Your Training Plan for Life and Business," as she talks about tackling barriers and becoming mentally and emotionally fit.

Darcy is a triathlete, mother, and CEO of Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting. A Master Certified Coach, Darcy has worked in 48 industries, with 210 organizations and 500+ individual clients, to create high-performing people and teams.

If you're a leader or manager who feels too busy to strategize, you're stuck in a rut, or wondering what your unique contributions to the world are, this episode is a must-listen.


Highlights in this Episode:

  • Darcy talks about her 20 years of political experience and how she made the leap into coaching.
  • Find out how you, as a busy leader, can find time to pause to reflect on what lights you up, gives you purpose, and ignites your passion.
  • Discover the 6-step framework for achieving peak performance in both your personal and professional life using the Thoughtfully Fit® method.
  • Self-awareness and knowing your default mode when under pressure will help you make changes to overcome challenges.
  • Darcy talks about how she is learning to structure her business to have the greatest impact and how she can get out of her own way.

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Links Mentioned In This Episode:

Connect with Darcy Luoma: 
Instagram: @darcyluomacoaching
Website: www.darcyluoma.com
Facebook: @darcyluoma
Twitter: @Darcy Luoma
LinkedIn: @darcyluoma


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