10 Leadership Trends to Watch in 2023

Week 2 - Live

The pandemic completely changed leadership and employee-employer relations.

Last week I hosted an audio event focused on the trends leaders should keep in mind this year to improve retention and increase profits.

(Click here to listen to the conversation)

Here are the top 10 trends shared:

  1. Hybrid Leadership: Leaders must know how to be visible AND create psychological safety in remote and in-person environments.
  2. Values-Based Leadership: Leaders must create opportunities and spaces for employees to connect with their why. Companies must also ensure that employees can connect with their mission, vision, and objectives.
  3. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings: Successful leaders will rethink all gatherings, discussions, collaboration, and decision-making approaches.
  4. Intersectionality: Leaders will need to learn about intersectionality, identities, and how we bring them to work (Click here to learn more about the intersectional aspects of leadership)
  5. Belonging: Leaders must bridge the diversity gap by creating a sense of belonging. (Listen here to hear specific examples of how to do this in remote-first environments).
  6. Gig Economy and Side Hustles: Conflicts of interest agreements will become more common and relaxed. Leaders will need to become more comfortable with their employees having multiple sources of income.
  7. Mental Health: Employees will have their mental health ‘checked’ like a routine physical checkup.
  8. Menopause: Menopause will become an even more critical topic as women leaders age ‘out loud’ in the workplace.
  9. Future Proofing Employees: Leaders will create and implement workforce development programs around upskilling and right skilling.
  10. ‘Rightsizing’ Organizations: Leaders must learn to ‘do more with less.’ There may be more workforce reductions, and companies will scream that they have fewer resources.

(Click here to listen to the rest of the trends shared)

Where will you and other leaders in your organization focus this year? What would you add to the list? Let me know by commenting below.

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