Ep 69: #AskAkua // Bootstrapping a Team

Ep 69

"I'm bootstrapping, which means that the talent I can afford right now is not as experienced as I would like."

Sound familiar?

In this #AskAkua episode of the Open Door Conversations podcast, Akua Nyame-Mensah gives insight on how to start a team on a limited budget and how to give your team more confidence to make decisions independently. 

Bootstrapping looks different to every business, but this episode will give you a framework with which you can learn how to bring together or re-engage a team. Don't have a team? You will still get great information on discovering your business goals and how to meet them.

Getting clear on your budget is priority #1, as is realizing that what you pay and the value you receive are two different things. If you can't afford the talent you're looking for, ask yourself what problem you want to solve by hiring these people. Hire the people who are going to get you closer to hitting the goals you've set.

Highlights in this Episode: 

  • Learn the importance of getting clear on your budget and the problem you want to solve by hiring team members. 
  • Remember that there isn't a correlation between how much someone is paid and how much value they can provide. 
  • Hiring people with experience doesn't necessarily mean you will get the support you need. 
  • Realize that hiring experienced people may not save you time; they still need direction, acknowledgment, and to be engaged with.
  • You don't need a clone of yourself; you need people who complement you and provide different perspectives. 
  • Be aware of your capacity and be realistic about what you can accomplish with your time. 
  • Your staff may not feel confident to make decisions because they haven't been validated or acknowledged. It's up to you to create systems and processes so they feel comfortable.
  • When a leader is constantly firefighting, usually, the first thing to be sacrificed is engaging and validating their team.
  • The support you can afford can still meet your needs, but it might look different than you imagined. Think beyond the 9-5 structure. Consider hiring an expert who doesn't need direction for a task that needs doing.
  • If you don't have the space to validate, teach, train, or coach an inexperienced team, don't hire.


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