Ep 67 // My Top Tools that Get Me Exponential Results

Ep 67

In this episode, leadership coach Akua Nyame-Mensah shares the top 5 tools and apps that allow her to work more efficiently, connect with and convert clients, all while being more productive. These are tools that help her get exponential results in both business and her personal life and allow her to do more in less time.

Having recently done an audit of her revenue streams and where she spends her time inside her business, Akua recounts her experience doing the same with the tech tools she uses. The result: she managed to trim $500 worth of subscriptions for tools that weren't moving the needle in her business. 

Find out which apps, programs, and tools made the cut and how they might help you level up your business. Too often, money and time are wasted on tools that don't get used or that actually distract us. When deciding where to invest in tools, ask yourself if it makes sense for the amount of time and energy you currently have.

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Highlights in this episode:

  • It's important to realize where your time is spent in relation to the money you're spending on software and apps.
  • As someone who works online across several time zones, Akua's schedule needs to be on point. One of her top tools for business is an online time converter allowing her to align her schedule with clients more easily.
  • Akua is still a huge fan of Evernote but describes why MS OneNote has been essential (and more cost-effective) for her to use in her business.
  • Canva, a free design tool with the option for a paid pro account, has saved Akua tons of time and allowed her to look more professional online.
  • Akua talks about how she uses GoogleDocs to keep track of all collateral for participants of her workshops and leadership programs.
  • GoogleDocs allows for easy sharing and editing and has much more flexibility than PDFdocuments. It's also great for tagging people, collaborating on documents, leaving comments, or suggesting edits.
  • Akua admits to the app she commonly uses for partner projects but doesn't like.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

What are the tools you can't live without in your business? Share them with Akua by emailing her at akuanm@akua.com.

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