Ep 54 // Building an Empire while Having a 9-5 with Kuorkor Dzani

Ep 54- Kuorkor Dzani

Kuorkor Dzani is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully started and grown several businesses while working a full-time day job. Today she joins Executive Leadership Coach Akua Nyame-Mensah to share the secrets of building capacity when you are working a 9 to five and tending a side hustle (or several!). 

By day, Kuorkor works in Ghana for a local lender. But as someone who gets energy from new ideas, she has also found time to start businesses, including Twists & LocsIndigoKiddie Med, and Joey the Brand. She has a passion for natural remedies and healthful living, and as founder of Ghana’s first natural hair salon, Kuorkor has changed the conversation around - and the landscape of - hair in Ghana.

Though she is very free-flowing when it comes to her personality, structure, and scheduling is the core of Kuorkor’s work life. Discover her other secrets on managing time and energy in this episode!

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Highlights in This Episode: 

  • Kuorkor describes how the ideas for her businesses were born. 
  • Akua and Kuorkor talk about the rise in popularity of natural hair in Ghana.
  • Kuorkor gives advice for entrepreneurs who want to start a business while working a 9 to 5, including how to hire the right people to help them. 
  • How to build trust when it comes to hiring others to help you in your business.
  • Ways to separate yourself from your business by putting systems in place. 
  • How collaborating with your employees and allowing them to share ideas will boost morale and help them feel they have value to contribute. 
  • Learn a little about Kuorkor’s interests outside of her businesses and job. 

Connect with Kuorkor Dzani:


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