Ep 39 // How to Build a Remote Career as a Global Citizen with Hawa Kombian

Ep 39- Hawa Kombian

In this episode of the Open Door podcast, Akua welcomes guest Hawa Kombian, a global citizen who is building an amazing remote career. The two discuss working remotely while employed with a company/organization and the crucial things that need to be considered before going remote or allowing your employees to work remotely. 

Whether you’re an employee looking to stay remote after shifting out of the office temporarily, or you’re a team leader considering whether remote work is sustainable long-term, this is the episode for you. Hawa dives into how she became a remote worker in her organization, the pros, and cons of working remotely, and how to decide if it’s right for you. You’ll also learn crucial, actionable steps to take in order to convince your employer that working remotely is feasible and not just tolerable but advantageous for the company’s bottom line.

Hawa is a Canadian citizen, grew up in Canada, the US, and the Middle East, spent time in Europe, and now lives in Ghana while working remotely for a company based in Sierra Leonne and Nigeria. She supports organizations to grow bigger and be stronger with a focus on people first. She supports leaders at every level to help them focus on strategy execution and bring social impact based on value, connection, and leadership to their work, the people they work with, and the communities they serve. 

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What's Covered in this Episode About Remote Working

  • Hawa talks about her reasons for wanting to go remote, including wanting to be near the people and communities to which she is most connected. 
  • Get three essential tips for pitching your case for remote work, including communicating your motivations and how working remotely will affect the bottom line of the company.
  • Learn why it’s essential to create a plan for your transition into remote work, including contingencies (e.g., what you will do if you lose internet access).
  • Hawa talks about how she was able to keep being engaged while working from home. 
  • Discover how working remotely can actually help you more efficiently support the leaders you work alongside by narrowing your focus and keeping you from distractions and other projects in the office. 
  • Boundaries are important when it comes to working remotely. Hawa and Akua discuss the power of saying “no” and self-awareness and how it shapes your personal boundaries.
  • Often the best moments to reflect come during the most challenging times. Take the time to get to know yourself better, consider others’ feedback and your own. 
  • Hawa delves into working with a coach about her resistance to change. When making decisions, it’s important to ask yourself if they come from your own desire or out of fear of letting others down.  

Quotes from this Episode of Open Door Conversations

  • "Relationships are key, because we had a level of trust that enabled my co founder at the time to have an open mind when I was bringing up a risky proposition. - Hawa Kombian
  • "Being remote actually made the business case for structuring my time, and being able to have boundaries around what I focus on, and ensuring that those things were explicitly the CEOs priorities." - Hawa Kombian
  • "I have issues when it comes to validation. I have issues when it comes to self blame, I have issues when it comes to acceptance and belonging." - Hawa Kombian

Get to Know this Episode's Guest

Twitter: @Hkombian
Instagram: @hkombian
Linked In: @bhkombian

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This is so amazing and thank you Akua for bringing such an amazing guest. I have been considering working remote and just don’t know how to approach it. Listening  to you both speak, I feel confident to take the step now.

Thank you for all you do and God bless you richly.

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