Ep 38 // Entrepreneurial Burn Out with Dora Petrova

Ep 38- Dora Petrova

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s likely you want to make a meaningful impact; you’re passionate and willing to do whatever it takes to grow your company or organization. But what happens when your dedication to your work comes before your mental and emotional well-being? BURNOUT.

In this episode, Akua welcomes the founder of the FemGems Club, Dora Petrova, to talk about burnout and how putting yourself first is integral to the success of your business.

Dora started her podcast, FemGems, as a way to feature early-stage female founders in a male-dominated field. As the podcast grew, Dora’s realized she wanted to do even more than inspire women to start a business; she wanted to give them a framework of support to build and grow. This led to the FemGems Club, which offers effective mentoring, mastermind, and accountability systems for female entrepreneurs in every stage of their business. 

With first-hand knowledge of letting entrepreneurial burnout get the better of her, Dora shares ways to make sure this won’t happen to you. Grab your headphones and learn how you can find fulfillment as you bring your business vision to life without digging an early grave in the process. 

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Highlights in this Episode:

  • Dora dives into the challenges facing female entrepreneurs and why she wanted to start FemGems Club.
  • She reveals her experiences with burnout and why she should have listened to her body, to those around her, and to her feelings when she started to feel worn down.
  • Why creating the space to connect with yourself can be the antidote to burnout. 
  • Akua asks Dora to share her own routine and rituals for avoiding entrepreneurial burnout (hint: Taking a holiday does not cure burnout!).
  • For the sake of your business, you should come first. Because without you, your business can’t run.
  • Running a business shouldn’t be exhausting; it should feed your spirit and give you energy. 
  • Find out why a metric for success doesn’t need to be results-based; Dora’s is based on how she feels.

Connect with Dora Petrova :

FemGems Club & Podcast
Medium Articles by Dora:
 Instagram: @moreofdore
LinkedIn: @dora-petrova


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