Ep 37 // The Importance of Grit & Persistence with the Founder of ReelFruit Affiong Williams

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Affiong Williams, the CEO and Founder of ReelFruit is an entrepreneur and leader who knows how to get things done. In this episode, she chats with Akua about her work and how she's been able to leverage her purpose to move forward. She shares her story of how she started as an entrepreneur in Nigeria and eventually created a successful business that is now impacting farmers on a larger scale. 

She also talks about the importance of social media in her work and how she uses it to connect with her audience. This is an inspiring chat with a woman who is making a difference in the world. If you're looking for some motivation on how to grow a business, this is the episode for you!

Highlight from the episode: 

  • Affiong Williams shares her story of how she became an entrepreneur and built a successful business in Nigeria
  • Why she decided to focus on the agricultural value chain
  • The challenges and opportunities of doing business in Nigeria
  • How she is using her platform to empower other entrepreneurs
  • What the future holds for her business and for Nigeria's agricultural industry
  • The importance of purpose in business and in life
  • Why social media can be a valuable tool for entrepreneurs

Connect with Affiong Williams:

LinkedIn: @Affiong Williams
Twitter: @Affiong Williams
Website: www.reelfruit.com


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