Ep 36 // All About Uplevel Your LinkedIn For Thought Leaders

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Are you looking to take your LinkedIn game up a notch? LinkedIn is a powerful tool for thought leaders, and with the right tools and strategies in place, you can use it to its fullest potential.

Akua's UpLevel for Thought Leaders program is exactly what you need. This comprehensive program offers unlimited critiques, templates for every important piece of content, and step-by-step strategies to help you effectively and efficiently master LinkedIn. Plus, you'll get access to live co-working sessions, repurposing workflow workshops, and done-for-you content.

Enrollment for this life-changing program is only open until the end of the week, March 25th, so don't hesitate! Visit the link in the show notes to learn more and enroll today.

Highlights from the episode:

  • How the UpLevel for Thought Leaders program can help you craft your content and show up authentically on LinkedIn and in social media
  • How to use LinkedIn to attract clients, speaking opportunities, and more
  • The value of an engaged executive tier program
  • Different groups of people who would benefit from the program and how it can help them
  • How to enroll and take advantage of the bonuses that come with the program
  • Things that are overlooked in Linkedin will help get inbound opportunities, so you're not doing all the work.
  • Akua discusses how one previous participant in the program went from having no presence on LinkedIn to obtaining a 300% boost in traffic to their profile.
  • The signature 3-step process she teaches in the course helps to take the overwhelm out of LinkedIn and social media marketing so you can focus on your message and get it out there with confidence.
  • How leveraging the "About Me" section can be one of the most powerful ways to stand out on LinkedIn.
  • The importance of regular repurposing and how it can help save you time while still delivering fresh, relevant content
  • What separates this course from other LinkedIn courses and programs available online
  • Why you need to have an ideal decision-maker and decision-making process in mind before beginning your LinkedIn outreach

Resources Mentioned:

Want to start taking action and leverage your career journey or story that you have and show up beyond your business, office, team, or department? Join my waitlist to be part of the next cohort of my program, Uplevel for Thought Leaders, where I teach you how to leverage LinkedIn and social media to get in front of your ideal clients, speaking opportunities, and more!

The program includes templates, how-to's, live co-working sessions, repurposing workflow workshops, done-for-you content, and more! To join the waitlist and learn more about the program, go to https://www.akuanm.com/waitlist.


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